Emergency Preparedness Kit Recommendations Compare Survival Kits

How to Use Our Emergency Preparedness Assessment Tool

Emergency PreparednessWe offer an interactive Emergency Preparedness Assessment Tool on our website that makes it super easy for you to quickly learn exactly which survival kits and emergency supplies you need to prepare for a disaster. Our Home Emergency Preparedness Assessment Tool analyzes the size of your family, geographic location of your home, number of bedrooms, pets, and other information you provide to determine which kits and supplies you need to prepare your home.

Just simply answer the questions and we’ll provide you with a customized list of recommended kits and supplies based on the information you provide. The list of recommendations we provide will have 2 categories: Essential Preparedness and Complete Preparedness. Essential Preparedness includes the standard level of supplies recommended by the US Department of Homeland Preparedness. Complete Preparedness includes a comprehensive list supplies to ensure that you are fully prepared for any disaster situation.

Need help figuring out which survival kits and emergency supplies you need to keep in your car, school, and office!?  No problem!  We offer tools for figuring that out too.

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