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Taking Lessons from the Movie Take Shelter

I recently watched the movie “Take Shelter” which is about a man who decides to build an emergency storm shelter for his family. Of course, everyone thought he was paranoid. Sound familiar? I will admit that I run into my share of people who don’t believe in emergency preparedness.

Without spoiling the movie for you too much, it serves as an example to trust your instincts when it comes to emergency preparedness and never to listen to anyone who makes fun of you for taking steps to prepare your family for a disaster.

Of course, we all don’t have the resources to build an ideal storm shelter. In fact, the main character in the movie didn’t either. But we can all at least some steps to be better prepared; even if it’s only investing $100 on an emergency preparedness kit to keep in your car.

And if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. Check out the movie trailer below.

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4 thoughts on “Taking Lessons from the Movie Take Shelter

  1. Whenever you view tornado movies they seem to take place in homes with basements What about those millions of people living in mobile homes? More help from FEMA local EM state agencies to provide saferooms for mobile home owners they are the people who need saferooms the most and can afford them the least!

    • Hahaha. That is true about the movies but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for the government to provide emergency shelter in advance of a disaster for millions of people.

  2. The point of this is to take personal responsibility to prepare yourself and your family for potential disasters. We cannot and should not rely on government to do it for us. If we do that, we will all sit around and do nothing for ourselves. It is no one else’s responsibility to take care of you and your family, that is your job!

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