Emergency Preparedness Kit Recommendations Compare Survival Kits

Thinking Outside of the Box

digging out of three feet of snow

Buying boxed kits to give you a jump start on your preparedness efforts is a great way to get your basic supplies fast. But don’t let yourself be limited by the name of the kit you are considering. Often, the supplies in a particular kit are great for other uses than what the name implies.

For example, consider the Hurricane Kit. If you don’t live in a coastal location, you may overlook the vital tools contained in this kit, which is a great purchase for everyone, whether they live in a hurricane prone area or not. Every item in this kit should be part of a basic preparedness kit. This is a great kit to keep in your vehicle for winter emergencies.

Even if you already have a Roadside Severe Weather kit, adding the Hurricane Kit is a smart idea. Just having two folding shovels is a good idea in the winter months! Digging your car out of the snow could be a two-person job, as the video below shows.

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