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Workplace Safety

workplace safety

You probably have a disaster plan for your home and family, but have you thought about workplace safety? Disasters can strike at any time, including while you’re at work. Having a disaster plan could save your life.

Everyone should have an emergency bag at work at the very least. You should also learn escape routes in case of a fire or other disaster. Think about the plans you have for home – earthquake safety, fire safety, tornado safety… you should have the same kinds of plans for your workplace. Map out escape routes, think about a potential safe room. In short, have a plan!

Go beyond having a personal emergency plan. Discuss emergency plans with your employer. Many businesses already have a survival kit and an emergency plan in place. If this is the case with your company, make it a goal to learn those plans so you are ready.

If your company doesn’t have an emergency plan, work with them to help create one. According to Ready.gov, up to 40% of businesses that are affected by a natural disaster never reopen. This fact alone should make a preparedness a top priority for your place of employment. This isn’t as overwhelming of a task as you may think. There are tools available to help you and your company be better prepared for disasters and other emergencies.

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