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Search and Rescue Kit
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Search and Rescue Kit (8A)

Emergency search and rescue kits for disaster relief.

 $495.00   $349.00
Quantity Discounts:
3-5 $319.00
6-11 $299.00
12-23 $290.00
For larger quantities, please call for price quote.

Emergency Survival Kit

As Recommended By
US Dep't of Homeland Security

Emergency Survival Kit

The ER™ Search and Rescue Kit is a 4 person emergency kit containing the recommended emergency tools and supplies in the event of a partial or complete collapse of a structure.

This emergency kit is an emergency response solution for any disaster or emergency situation. Included are enough supplies to equip a 4 person team to perform the vital functions of:


The ER™ Solar & Hand-Crank Powered Radio, Flashlight, & Cell Phone Charger, Shake Lights, ER™ Green and Yellow 12-Hour Light Sticks provide illumination and critical information to help locate victims without the need of batteries.

These kits feature (4) ER™ LED Super-Bright Lights / Radios / Cell Phone Chargers (see item #6N). These are perfect for all emergencies...anytime...anywhere! You can always depend on these to work endless hours without the need to continue to replace batteries. It is important to remember that batteries have very limited usage and storage times. Don't have the false security of relying on ordinary flashlights and radios! After an emergency strikes, batteries can be difficult to find plus you must remember to replace them on a regular basis since their shelf life is limited.


The Pry/Crow Bar, Folding Shovel, and Steel Pulley Block/Tackle can be used to extract victims. Several emergency tools and supplies are included to provide safety for the rescue team. Hard hats, Safety Goggles, Dust Masks, Safety Vests, and Work Gloves are some of the items included for the protection of rescuers.


Supplies are included to provide medical assistance to injured victims and rescuers including Triage Tags to prioritize the level of medical care required by victims.


Tarps and Duct Tape can be used to construct emergency shelter and ground cover, providing an area to treat injured victims.

  • (1) Saw - to help free trapped victims.
  • (1) Pair of Pliers - additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Roll Caution Tape - to restrict access to dangerous areas.
  • (1) Steel Pulley Block/Tackle - to aid in immediate rescue efforts.
  • (1) Flathead Screwdriver - additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Phillips Screwdriver - additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Tarp 10' X 12' - provides emergency shelter and ground cover.
  • (4) Safety Goggles - protective eye cover for disaster relief teams.
  • (4) Safety Vests - fluorescent orange to identify rescue team leaders.
  • (1) Hammer/Hatchet - additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Roll Duct Tape - for everything and anything.
  • (1) Vise Grip - additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Folding Shovel - additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Pry/Crow Bar - 24"- additional rescue/camp tool.
  • (1) Nylon Cord - 50 ft. - to set up camp and rescue efforts.
  • (4) Triage Tags - for identifying and prioritizing levels of sustained injury.
  • (4) Whistles - blows loud to attract rescue attention.
  • (4) Pair Work Gloves - leather palmed to help escape and sift through debris.
  • (4) Pair Latex Gloves - provides protection for treating others.
  • (4) Dust Masks - prevent the inhalation of harmful airborne particles.
  • (4) Solar/Crank Lights - No batteries or bulbs required!
  • (4) Hard Hats - OSHA approved for dangerous conditions.
  • (4) Green Light Sticks - 12-hour, high-intensity yellow for brilliant, instant, and reliable light.
  • (4) Yellow Light Sticks - 12-hour, bright-green, reliable light at the snap of the fingers.
  • (1) AM/FM Solar & Hand-Crank Powered Radio, Flashlight, & Cell Phone Charger - to provide lighting and the latest news/reports.
  • (1) Survival Knife Kit - sharp 6" stainless steel blade with jagged edge blade for cutting on opposing side, survival contents in handle (waterproof matches and fishing hooks/weights/line) compass, sheath, and sharpening stone.
  • (200) Potassium Iodide Pills - shield the thyroid from radiation
  • (1) Packed in durable duffel bag - with easy- to- grab hand and shoulder carrrying straps.

Weight: 30 lbs.
Needs Supplied: for use after collapse of structures due to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, floods, etc.
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 30"
Shelf-life: Indefinite except for lightsticks - 5 years
Disaster Usage: Aides in Search & Rescue following earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods, etc.