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Search and Rescue Supplies
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Crow Bar - 24 Inch Crow Bar - 24 Inch

Emergency 24-inch pry/crow bar for disaster relief.


Pepper Spray Pepper Spray

Emergency pepper spray - no license required.


Work Gloves Work Gloves

Emergency leather palmed work gloves for disaster relief.


Crow Bar - 15 Inch Crow Bar - 15 Inch

Emergency 15-inch crow bar for search and rescue.


Hard Hat Hard Hat

Emergency OSHA Approved Hard Hat For Disaster Relief.


Dust Mask Dust Mask

Emergency dust mask for disaster preparation.


Safety Goggles Safety Goggles

Emergency safety goggles for disaster preparation.


Bullhorn Bullhorn

Emergency bullhorn - battery operated with 300 yard range.


Duct Tape Duct Tape

50-yard roll of heavy duty duct tape for disaster preparedness.


Heavy Duty Pulley Hoist Heavy Duty Pulley Hoist

Steel pulley block and tackle.