What Is A Hurricane Preparedness Kit?

Modern meteorological technology tracks the development of hurricanes days, sometimes weeks in advance, allowing citizens of impacted areas time to prepare. However, panicked rushes at the store and supply shortages may impede your preparations if left too late. Your family's planning should take place before hurricane season begins. Building a Hurricane Survival Kit with emergency supplies and rations will provide a dedicated source of essentials.  

Most likely, you will either shelter-in-place or evacuate in the event of a storm; thus, a Hurricane Preparedness Kit should be stored in both the home and vehicle. Each kit will contain slightly different items and should be customized to fit your family's specific needs.

Hurricane Kits for the Home

Home Hurricane Survival Kits should contain enough supplies to support each member in your family as they shelter-in-place for at least 72-hours, preferably up to 10 days. Non-perishable emergency food and water with extended shelf-lives should comprise the base of your kit (See QK 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bars). Sufficiently stocked kits will also contain items within the following categories:
  1. Emergency Shelter: thermal mylar blankets, sleeping bags, portable tents, tarps and plastic sheeting
  2. Hygiene Supplies: waterless shampoo and toothpaste, comb, toilet paper, tissue paper, wipes, hand sanitizer, portable toilets, disposable bags
  3. First Aid: family-sized first aid kit and extra prescription medications
  4. Lighting: hand-crank/solar-powered flashlights, extra batteries, candles
  5. Communication: Hand-crank/solar-powered radios with access to the NOAA weather-band emergency alert channels
  6. Tools: shovels and pry bars for performing search and rescue operations, gas/water shut-off wrench
If your family evacuates to an emergency shelter, bring your home survival kit with you.

Hurricane Evacuation Kit for your Car

The Hurricane Survival Kit stored in your car must be portable. Its purpose is to provide your family with nourishment and supplies in the event you need to evacuate or shelter-in-place at a location away from home. The car kit should contain supplies from the same survival categories as your home survival kit yet must remain portable. Ideally, the kit will remain stored in the vehicle, thus including non-perishable food that stays fresh even when exposed to extreme temperatures is a must (See QK 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bars).

Hurricane Kits for Pets

Don't forget about your pet's needs following a hurricane. They will be hungry, thirsty, and potentially in danger just like you. Consider including the following items in your pet's survival kit: 72-hours+ supply of food and water, bowls, thermal mylar blanket, extra leads, comfort toys, sanitation supplies (litter for cats, disposable bags), first aid items and water purification tablets.

Want to purchase pre-made Hurricane Survival Kits?

We have you covered. Our Home and Vehicle Hurricane Survival Kits support up to 4 people for up to 72-hours. The kits include a supply of U.S. Coast Guard-approved emergency food and water certified to store safely for up to 5 years - even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations (-22°F to 149°F, -6°C to 65°C). Quake Kare Home Hurricane Kits contain emergency shelter, sanitation, first aid, lighting, and communication supplies necessary to shelter-in-place during an after a significant storm. The waterproof and air-tight bucket container ensures your supplies will store safely. The kit's container has several strategic advantages. Pair it with a snap-on toilet seat for emergency sanitation or use the bucket to collect and purify water.