Ultimate Bug-Out Bag

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The Forever Endure Bug-Out Bag is the most comprehensive go-bag on the market. This bag contains essential supplies to aid you and your family in the event of an immediate evacuation. The Bug-Out Bag will fulfill needs for shelter, food/water, search & rescue, communication, lighting, hygiene, and
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 The Forever Endure Bug-Out Bag
  • Contains survival items that fulfill the following needs: Food/water, first aid, emergency tools, hygiene, communication, lighting, and shelter.
  • Includes a Solar/Hand-Crank Powered Radio/Flashlight that broadcasts the NOAA Weather Band Alert system and features a built-in USB port to charge your cell phone.
  • Contains PPE: (2) KN95 face masks and vinyl gloves.
  • 3 day/2 person (6 day 1 person) supply of Food/Water is U.S. Coast Guard certified to remain fresh for up to 5 years even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations of -22°F - 149°F (-30°C - 65°C).
  • (1) 1,300 calorie military spec MRE.
  • Supplies packed in a durable, military-grade black backpack for portability and endurance.
  • For ultimate disaster preparation store this bag in your vehicle or office and keep an ER™ Home Survival Kit in your home to ensure you will always have supplies on hand.
  • First aid supplies include advanced trauma gauze designed to quickly stop profuse bleeding.
  • Includes a 10 in 1 multi-use hammer tool
  • 100' neon orange paracord.
  • (1) 10-in-1 Stainless Steel Needle Nose Pliers Multi-Tool (Measures 6 ¼” Long Opened and 4” Closed).
    • Needle Nose and Regular Pliers
    • Wire Cutters
    • Serrated Saw Blade
    • Philips and Flathead Screwdrivers
    • Straight Edge Blade
    • Bottle/Can Opener
    • Scissors
    • Small Flathead Screwdriver
    • Nail File
  • The Paracord Survival Kit with lanyard contains the following items:
    • (9) ft of 550 lb. Paracord
    • (1) Knife Blade
    • (1) Fire Starter
    • (2) Lengths of Translucent Fishing Line
    • (2) Pre-Attached Fishing Hooks
    • (2) Fishing Weights
    • (2) Bobbers
    • (2) Swivels
    • (1) Piece of Tin Foil
    • (1) Tinder

Why do you need a bug-out bag?

The Bug-Out Bag contains essential supplies needed while traveling to a safe-zone. This kit is intended to supplement your shelter-in-place supplies. If an extreme emergency occurs while you are away from home, you will require supplies to sustain you until you reach your shelter-in-place cache or an evacuation zone. The portability and comprehensiveness of this kit will ensure you have the necessary supplies for any contingency whether it be braving the elements, evacuating miles on foot, or treating a first aid emergency on the road.

*Replace expired items with the ER™ 2-Person Easy Replacement Pack

     ER™ Emergency Ready
     35 lbs.
     Food/Water: up to 5 years; First Aid Items/Lightsticks: 2 years
Supply Duration:
  3 days, 2 people (6 days, 1 Person)
Disaster Usage:
     emergency evacuation following a natural or man-made disaster
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FOREVER ENDURE with Quake Kare
The Forever Endure line of products takes preparedness to the next step. The kits and supplies offered under Forever Endure cater to the experienced survivalist, prepper, or wilderness expert. We designed Forever Endure kits to contain essential survival tools while remaining portable and easy to transport. These survival items will help you fish or snare food, construct a shelter, start a cooking fire, and signal for help should fate intervene during your outdoor adventure or emergency bug-out. 

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The Forever Endure Bug-Out Bag is the most comprehensive go-bag on the market. This bag contains essential supplies to aid you and your family in the event of an immediate evacuation. The Bug-Out Bag will fulfill needs for shelter, food/water, search & rescue, communication, lighting, hygiene, and first aid. The Bug-Out Bag is durable enough for any environment. It contains food and water that can be stored in areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations such as inside a vehicle. Keep this bag in your vehicles, office, or home. You are not going to want to be without this bag when disaster strikes. 

Reviews (4)
  • Weight and products stay dry
    I like that the kit is not too heavy. At 18 Lbs it should be fine for all adults to carry over distance. I tell people a bug out bag should not be over 20% of their body weight. Most kits on the market are not waterproof. I like when you open your kit each item is enclosed in (a clear) sealed pouch Joseph Teti Retired Green Beret Survivalist
  • Awesome Kit. Good price
    This kit is priced well for all of the stuff included.
  • Good Kit
    I usually make my own Bug out Bag. My BOB disappeared so I looked around and purchased this complete kit. The backpack is great. Its a military grade bag. All of the kit contents are categorized by need and they are kept in clear pouches that make it very simple to find what you are looking for.
  • Very comprehensive kit for ultimate preparedness
    In 2017, I was in need of updating my emergency kit for my family and I (2 people plus 2 dogs). I have been looking at Quake Kare's website for a long time and found them to offer the most well prepared emergency kits for all types of situations. I did originally attempt to piece my own kit together but could not come close to this well-designed kit. All contents of this kit are labeled and organized nicely for anyone to use the event of a shelter in place and/or relocation situation. I did add to the kit some items that were not included such as, an extra SWAT tourniquet, 2 out of state contact cards that I laminated personally, a notepad for writing, permanent markers to mark the tourniquets and body tags (in the event of hospitalization or death), a toilet bucket with all the essentials (i.e. toilet paper and bio-hazard bags). Overall I highly recommend this kit for you and yours as something above and beyond the basics. I will report that I unintentionally frustrated Quake Kare customer service as I wanted to take some of the items and customize the kit for my specific needs. For over a month, I was tossed around over the phone and through emails as no one really understood what i was trying to do. I did put my customization ideas aside and just broke down and called in my order. A customer service agent took the order for me just fine and in the long run was better that I kept the kit the way it was rather than try to make it to my needs.