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Gas Mask Filter Cartridge
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Gas Mask Filter Cartridge (TFCM95)

Long 5-year shelf life with standard 40 mm NATO Thread.

 $89.95   $25.35
For larger quantities, please call for price quote.

This military-grade gas mask filter cartridge offers protection against all known biological and chemical agents.

The TFCM95 has been third party tested against chemical warfare gases and provides over 99.99% protection against all particulates and all biological aerosols.

This standard 40mm NATO threaded filter fits any NATO gas mask such as the SGE-400/3 INFINITY Gas Mask and comes with manufactured-sealed caps providing a long 5-year shelf life.


(1) Gas Mask Filter Cartridge

Brand: Mestel
Weight: 1 lb.
Needs Supplied: terrorism protection

1 filter cartridge: 10.25" x 5.75" x 3"

Disaster Usage: for use in nuclear radiation, biological and chemical emergencies

5 years

Features and Functions: The Mestel filter protects against chemical and biological warfare agents like sarin and other nerve gases; mustard gas, cyanogen, arsine and phosgene; radioactive and highly toxic particles; aerosols and micro-organisms; bacteria and viruses. Many industrial gases (type A2B2E2) according to EN 141, i.e. organic gases and vapors, inorganic gases and vapors, e.g. chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulphide, organic and inorganic acids, such as formic acid, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride. Warfare and terrorism agents such as anthrax, sarin, smallpox, mustard gas as well as riot control agents like CN and CS tear gases.
Instructions:  Attach to Gas Mask according to instructions.