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Science Panel: Get Ready for Extreme Weather

extreme weatherTop international climate scientists and disaster experts meeting in Africa had a sharp message Friday for the world’s political leaders: Get ready for more dangerous and “unprecedented extreme weather” caused by global warming.

Making preparations, they say, will save lives and money.

These experts fear that without preparedness, crazy weather extremes may overwhelm some locations, making some places unlivable.

The Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a new special report on global warming and extreme weather after meeting in Kampala, Uganda. This is the first time the group of scientists has focused on the dangers of extreme weather events such as heat waves, floods, droughts and storms. Those are more dangerous than gradual increases in the world’s average temperature.

“We need to be worried,” said one of the study’s lead authors, Maarten van Aalst, director of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre in the Netherlands. “And our response needs to anticipate disasters and reduce risk before they happen rather than wait until after they happen and clean up afterward. … Risk has already increased dramatically.”

The report said “a changing climate leads to changes in the frequency, intensity, spatial extent, duration, and timing of extreme weather and climate events, and can result in unprecedented extreme weather and climate events.” And it said that some — but not all — of these extreme events are caused by the increase of man-made greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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Car Emergency Preparedness Guide

There is no place of greater importance to keep a survival kit than your car because of the fact that you are usually located within close proximity of your vehicle at all times and can gain immediate access to emergency supplies in a disaster situation.

Use our car emergency preparedness guide below ensure that you have the proper survival kits and supplies in your car to prepare you and your loved ones for a disaster:

Car Emergency Preparedness Supplies Checklist

Each of our car survival kits comes with a 72 hour supply of US Coast Guard Approved emergency food and water. Each also comes in a durable and easy to carry nylon bag so that it can be easily transported by foot.

Storing Your Car Emergency Kit

In this section you can learn tips about storing your car emergency kit.

Customizing Your Car Emergency Kit

Our deluxe car emergency preparedness kits come with all the emergency supplies we recommend for everyone but it is important to also consider the personal items that you should include. We have put together a list of personal supplies you may want to consider including.

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FEMA Releases Preparedness Apps and Text Updates

In the age of digital info, what better way to offer emergency preparedness tips and info than via a mobile app.  After all, almost everyone always carries their phone with them these days.  I think that’s what FEMA realized when they released a recent suite of mobile preparedness apps for both Droid and iOS mobile platforms.  In designing the app, FEMA says they worked hard to keep the disaster survivor in mind.  For example, the app makes much of the information available even if cell phone service isn’t.  That way disaster victims can access the important information on how to stay safe after a disaster, the location of your family emergency meeting locations,  etc.  Of course, ER Survival Kits come with a Hand-Crank and Solar Powered Radio Flashlight that charges all cell phones with its universal charger outlet.

The FEMA emergency preparedness app offers several useful features such as the ability to:

  • Check off the items you have in your family’s emergency kit
  • Enter your family emergency meeting locations
  • Review safety tips on what to do before, during and after a disaster
  • View a map of shelters and disaster recovery centers across the U.S.

A new and separate service from the new app, provides text message updates to cell phone users to receive text message updates from FEMA.

  • Text PREPARE to 43362 (4FEMA) to sign up to receive monthly disaster safety tips
  • Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 44362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area (example: shelter 12345)
  •  Text DRC + your ZIP code to 44362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest disaster recovery center in your area (for example, if you lived in Annandale, Virginia with a Zip Code of 22003, you’d text DRC 22003).
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