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Flooding Dangers Affect All

You may think you don’t have to worry about flooding, but did you know that 20% of National Flood Insurance Program claims are filed by people who do not live in high risk areas? That means, no matter where you live, you may have to deal with flooding at one time or another.

Flood insurance is a wise investment. The average claim is over $35,000 but the average policy is less than $700 a year. Your policy could be more or less depending on where you live, but people who live in low-risk areas have the lowest rates – as low as $129 a year.

There is little you can do to protect your property from a serious flood. Since flood do not give advanced warning, you may not have time to do much before your home is ruined. The best preparation is to be sure you are covered, just in case.

Do you have flood insurance?

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