How To Customize Your Survival Kit

Customize your kit with essential items you need everyday
The ER™ Emergency Ready Survival Kitsinclude all the very essential preparedness supplies to survive an emergency; however, you must not forget to also include valuable personal items that will increase your ability to survive the aftermath of a major disaster. Follow the instructions below to help personalize your home survival kit by adding the following items:
  1. Open the waterproof storage container by pushing in on the center and prying up on the side edges, inch-by-inch, all the way around.
  2. Take out the out-of-state contact cards, fill them out, make sure that all of your loved ones have these with them at all times! The ability to use a telephone to contact family or rescue personnel is essential. We recommend that you fill out the Out of State Contact Cards that are included in your ER™ Survival Kit. Then, simply fill out the card with anyone's contact information who lives out of state.
  3. Add an old pair of walking shoes for each person. Following a major disaster, you may have to get out of a dark and cluttered building in a hurry. Thus, you may not have appropriate footwear after your evacuation and shouldn't re-enter the building until designated safe (there is also a lot of broken glass and dangerous debris around following a disaster).
  4. Similarly, many people require the use of contacts or eyeglasses, it is important to keep a spare pair in your earthquake kit as well. One thing you will certainly need in time of emergency is ability to see hazards.
  5. Many people also require medications or treatments such as insulin. Don't forget to include at least three days worth of your required daily dosages.
  6. Just in case you didn't think of everything, or you get stranded for an extended period, you need to store an emergency cash reserve in home survival kit. About $100 in small denominations could potentially get you out of some scary situations (don't forget...ATM machines will be out of service as well).
  7. Other suggested additions include - baby supplies, sanitary supplies (napkins, paper), and additional emergency food & water (its recommended to store a home survival kit with enough supplies for as many people that may be in your home when an emergency strikes.


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