Emergency Water Supplies

Following a wide-spread disaster potable drinking water may become a scarce commodity.  Maintaining an emergency water supply for your household is the most essential step to disaster preparedness.  The human body can sustain from eating for up to two weeks, but our bodies will shut down after only three days without water.  Ideally, you should store a minimum of 1-gallon of emergency water per person per day.  Quake Kare has many solutions to help ensure you have an adequate amount of water including emergency water pouches, water purification tablets and concentrates and 55-gallon storage drums.  Quake Kare’s ER™ Water Pouches are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to maintain a 5-year shelf life even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.  Keep in mind, 2 water pouches/day is the minimum amount of water an adult requires to sustain life.

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