Earthquake Preparedness

Preparing for a devastating earthquake may seem like an act of futility; however, there are things you can do NOW to mitigate severe injuries and even property damage in the event the “big one” strikes.  Read our Earthquake Survival Resource Page for information on purchasing the right survival supplies, securing household items and how to prevent serious injury when the earth starts shaking.  Click to Read

Download: Preparedness Guide - Earthquakes
Click to Download Earthquake Preparedness & Survival Guide

Hurricane Preparedness

Unlike most natural disasters that occur without warning, residents in hurricane impact zones are often given days advanced warning affording precious time to evacuate or prepare in advance of the storm.  Our Hurricane Preparedness Resource Page has you covered from what actions you can take NOW to prepare, evacuation advice and how to ease the recovery process.  Click to Read

Severe Weather Preparedness

Forget The Wizard of Oz notion that "twisters" only happen in Kansas. Tornadoes, heralded by intense thunderstorms, have been reported in every state and have been known to occur throughout the year.  Thunderstorms pose their own risk of severe lightning, powerful winds and damaging hail storms.  Knowing what to do when a severe thunderstorm approaches is not as obvious as one might think.  Read on for advice on how to prepare for the storm both indoors and out.  Click to Read

Download:  Tornado Preparedness Guide 
Click to Download ER Preparedness Guide - Tornadoes

Fire Preparedness

Fires can be a deadly emergency in and of themselves but they also often accompany disasters as part of their aftermath. Be sure to read our fire preparedness guide to learn what supplies and information you need to include in your emergency preparedness plan for quick evacuations.

Download: Fire Emergency Preparedness Plan 
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