Emergency Sanitation Supplies

Portable Toilets, Hygiene Items, Deoderizers, Privacy Shelters and a Toilet Seat for 5-Gallon Bucket.

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    For higher quanities or to request a custom kit, call 800-277-3727.

    Why do you need an Emergency Toilet?

    When disaster strikes, personal hygiene most likely will not be your main focus.  Your attention will be on ensuring the safety of your family then locating potable water and food.  Once the needs of safety, food and water are satisfied you will then begin to think about the sanitary conditions of your shelter. Purchasing a bucket toilet and bucket toilet seat may not seem optimum now, but you will be glad you have it when sheltering-in-place.  The specially designed ER™ portable toilet seat snaps into place over a 5-gallon bucket securing an ER™ Portable toilet bag in place to create a sanitary place for personal needs.  The 5-gallon bucket toilet seat can serve as an emergency toilet or as a camping toilet seat.  Pair the 5-Gallon Bucket Toilet with the Privacy Shelter for added convenience.  The toilet seat for 5-gallon pail is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, road trips, house renovations, and tornado shelters.