Pet Survival Kits

Prepare your Pet

When preparing for a disaster, consider your pets as members of your family who will require their own set of survival provisions.  We are all animal lovers at Quake Kare and recommend you maintain a minimum supply of 3-days food, water and survival supplies for each pet.

What is in Quake Kare ER™ Pet Survival Kits?

QK Pet Survival Kits contain a 72-hour supply of Diamond Brand adult food for cats and dogs vacuumed sealed to maintain freshness.  The food is paired with a three-day supply of ER™ Water Pouches with a certified 5-year shelf life.  Use the foldable bowls to contain the food and water.  For shelter, each kit includes a Thermal Mylar blanket which can be used for shade, treatment of shock and for warmth.  Potable drinking water is an absolute must for both humans and pets.  To satisfy this need, we added a strip of 10 water purification tablets to each kit.  Use the lightstick for emergency lighting or to keep track of your pet in the dark by attaching the stick to your pet’s collar.  Have a playful pup or cat?  Inside each kit is a little toy to prevent boredom.  In addition, each pet kit also includes a pet lead, waste disposal bags, emergency pet decal sticker for your home and a Pet First Aid Guide. 

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    For higher quanities or to request a custom kit, call 800-277-3727.