Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are powerful forces of nature that are capable of causing widespread destruction and loss of life across entire states and coastlines.  Luckily, science has the capability to predict the severity of hurricanes days in advance giving you and your loved ones ample time to prepare and evacuate if needed.  Use our guides to get a head start in preparing for these dangerous and deadly storms.   

What To Do Before A Hurricane

In this section you can learn about hurricanes and what you can do to protect yourself before a hurricane strikes. Find out which hurricane survival kits and supplies you need along with other important steps to take before a hurricane.

What To Do During A Hurricane

Do you know what to do during an hurricane? Your plan of action needs to be included in your hurricane preparedness plan. Learn about what actions you can take to increase your chances of survival when a hurricane heads towards your neighborhood. Read More.

What To Do After A Hurricane

If you have been fortunate enough to survive a major hurricane striking in your area, you still won't be out of the clear yet. The days after a hurricane can be the most difficult to survive due to all the dangers that lurk. Find out what you need to be aware of Here.
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