What To Do After A Hurricane

The storm is gone, but powerful winds and massive storm surges have left your community ravaged. What are your next steps?
What do you do if your home is damaged?  
How do you request hurricane assistance?  
What resources are available to you, and how do you help your family cope after this traumatic experience?
Below we outline the answers to these questions and the actions you should take to begin recovery after the storm.  

Recovering after a Hurricane

Recovering from a traumatic event such as a hurricane can be a stressful and draining experience on you and your loved ones without the proper resources. Knowing how to access these resources makes the process faster and less traumatic. This section offers some general advice on steps to take after disaster strikes to begin getting your home, your community, and your life back to normal.

Returning Home after a Hurricane

This guide can help prepare you for what to expect upon returning to your damaged home and community.

Seeking Hurricane Assistance

You are not alone in the recovery process.  Resources are available to you, and this guide will help you identify them.

Coping after a Hurricane

Your family may have survived the storm physically unscathed, but the utter devastation of your community and way of life can be mentally traumatizing. Help is available. Read our Coping Guide for suggestions on resources that can help.  

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