Emergency Preparedness for Offices

Why You Need Disaster Supplies in Your Office

If disaster occurs during business hours, workers may be located far away from friends, family, and home. Roads may be impassible, electricity may be down, and office buildings may suffer severe structural damage making them unsafe to occupy. Read More...

Advantages of ER Emergency Ready Office Kits

Our ER™ Emergency Ready Office Kits have been designed by a team of preparedness experts to contain the most strategic and reliable emergency supplies for workers to survive for 72-hours following a disaster. Read More...

Replenishing Your Emergency Supplies

Our kits are designed to make it easy and inexpensive to replenish your supplies every 5 years. Instead of buying new kits, our ER™ Easy Replacement Packs replace only the supplies that expire so that you can reuse the rest of the kit. Buy Now

Storing Your Emergency Supplies at Work

We recommend storing your kits and supplies in strategic locations inside and outside the buildings to ensure access for all employees who may be at work during a disaster.

Custom Emergency Kits

We can provide a variety of custom kits to meet your specific preparedness needs and budget.  Contact us at 800-542-3697 or email info@quakekare.com.