How To Replace Expired Survival Supplies

Diligence in inventorying and replacing expired supplies in your survival kits  is a necessary and vital step of disaster preparedness.  Most non-perishable canned goods have an average shelf-life of 2 years.  Bottled water stores safely for up to a year only in temperature-controlled environments.  If exposed to extreme temperatures, shelf-lives of canned and bottled rations diminish more rapidly.  

ER™ Emergency Ready Survival Kits contain food bars and water pouches certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to remain fresh for up to 5 years, even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.  We now offer a product warranty to extend your food and water shelf-life by an additional 5-years as an option to our Extended Survival Kits.  Set a reminder to check the expiration dates on your emergency rations periodically. 

We created Easy Replacement Kits as a cost-effective way to replace only the expired items within your kit.  Simply purchase a pack for the same number of people as your survival kit.

Each ER™ Pack contains the following:
Don't forget that you have to replace the water in your 55 Gallon Water Storage Barrel  every 5 years. Use a new bottle of Water Preserver Concentrate each time the water is replaced.  Storing a 55-gallon water barrel in your home is a cost-effective way to save extra emergency water for drinking, bathing, and cooking.