Why You Need Emergency Supplies In Your Car

The car is one of the most important places to store emergency preparedness supplies because you usually are located in the same place as your car. And, in the event that you are away from home when a disaster strikes, the roads may become unsafe or impossible to drive. You may be forced to travel great distances and endure extreme weather conditions as you walk to a safe location or to meet up with loved ones. Keeping emergency supplies in your car can also be a life-saver in the event you have a roadside emergency and become stranded in a remote location.

Below are recommended emergency preparedness supplies that you should store in your car in case of a disaster.

Emergency Food

Keeping preserved food in your car is not enough. Most store bought food will not store safely in a car for more than a few months. Each of our emergency car survival kits come with a 3 day supply per person of United States Coast Guard Approved emergency food that will store safely in your car up to 5 years. Our ER™ Food Bar is designed with the the perfect balance of required nutrients and a non-thirst provoking formula for disaster victims. A 3 day survival supply of emergency food is the minimum survival recommendation for storage in your vehicle.

Emergency water

You should also keep a minimum of 3 days of emergency drinking water in your car emergency kit. However, storing bottled water is not the smartest or cheapest way to store emergency water in your car. Because of the extreme temperatures that occur inside your vehicle, bottled water will store safely for less than 6 months. That is why each of our car survival kits come with U.S. Coast Guard Approved 3-day supply of emergency water rations with a shelf-life up to 5 years. Since water remains the most important survival item to have, each car survival kit also comes with water purification tablets which can be used to purify extra water for drinking without having to carry it in your kit if you have to walk to a safe location.

Emergency Shelter Supplies

If you get stuck in your car or have to travel by foot in the cold, you will need proper emergency shelter supplies. That is why you need emergency shelter supplies in your car emergency preparedness kit. Each of our car survival kits come with the proper shelter supplies including emergency thermal blankets for warmth, ponchos to protect you from the weather, and a tube tent for easy emergency shelter from the elements. Additional recommended emergency home shelter supplies include body warmer pads.

Emergency Lights

If you have to get out of your car and walk to a safe location during or after a disaster, you may be stuck walking at night and the street lights may also be out. People usually know that it is very important to keep emergency lights such as flashlight in their car but often people forget that they also have to replace the batteries every 6 months. That is why our deluxe emergency car survival kits come equipped with an am/fm solar and hand crank radio with lantern light which never needs batteries. This is highly recommended due to the limitations of battery use. Our emergency car survival kits also come with 12 hour emergency lightsticks and emergency flashlights. We also recommend the inclusion of a fluorescent lantern for additional lighting capabilities. Don't forget yourself money and trouble in replacing batteries by purchasing our Code Red Batteries with a 20 year shelf life.

Emergency First Aid Kits

In a major disaster at while employees are work, many may become injured as they evacuate the building or campus due to dangerous debris. That is why businesses need to keep comprehensive emergency first aid kits that can easily be mobilized to safety. We recommend the Trauma Central Supply Kit which contains the appropriate supplies to treat up to 75 people for injuries and is ideally suited for school emergency preparedness.

Emergency radios

If you need to travel by foot to a safe location after a disaster, you will need to know where to go. In order to avoid walking into a potentially more dangerous situation, you should keep an emergency radio in your car. Each of our emergency preparedness kits for your car come with emergency radios for listening to emergency broadcasts following a disaster. Our deluxe car survival kits come equipped with a solar radio with lantern light which never needs batteries. This emergency radio is highly recommended because regular battery operated emergency radios have many limitations such as the facts that batteries only last for hours and have an extremely limited shelf-life of around 6 months.

Emergency Roadside Tools

Being stranded on the road without any tools or vehicle safety supplies can be a dangerous situation. When broken down on the side of the road, you put you and your passengers at risk of getting hit by oncoming traffic and passing strangers. Getting stranded can also be deadly due to extreme hot and cold weather conditions; especially following a disaster when emergency assistance may not be available. That is why you need to be self-reliant and keep a roadside emergency kit in your car.