100 Person Ultimate Deluxe Office Survival Kit

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A 100-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in (15) 5-gallon water-resistant bucket containers with snap-on toilet seats. Designed for a large office or classroom. Includes emergency food, water, and supplies to shelter-in-place for 3-days.
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You may have a survival kit stored in your home or vehicle; however, most of us spend our days either at school or work. Hence, storing Emergency Survival Supplies in offices and schools is an essential part of disaster preparedness and maintaining a safe work and school environment. 

Disaster Preparedness Experts designed the 100-Person Ultimate Deluxe ER™ Survival Kit to support 100 office or school employees as they shelter-in-place following a disaster. The kit satisfies a survival victim's needs for food, water, lighting, sanitation, shelter, radio communication, and first aid.  

Kit Contents
  • 3-day supply per person of ER™ 2400 Calorie Food bars and Water Pouches: One bar and three water pouches provide 72-hours of sustenance for one person. The U.S. Coast Guard tested, evaluated, and certified ER™ Emergency Rations to remain fresh for up to 5 years, even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. ER™ rations safely store outdoors or in areas exposed to temperatures ranging from -22°F - 149°F (-30°C - 65°C).
  • (5) Solar/Hand-Crank Powered NOAA Weather Band AM/FM Radio, Flashlight combo with a built-in USB device charger for cell phones and other USB powered devices.
  • (15) 5-Gallon Bucket Storage Containers: These buckets have several strategic survival and storage advantages. 
    • Emergency Sanitation: Cover the inside of a bucket with a sanitation bag (included), and toilet chemicals (included), then add the snap-on toilet seat to create an emergency toilet. 
    • Alternatively, employees can use the bucket(s) to collect and treat water with Aquatabs® Water Purification Strips (included). 
    • The water-resistant containers store safely anywhere inside or outside an office building within a temperature range of -22°F - 149°F (-30°C - 65°C).
  • First Aid & PPE: (5) 25-Person First Aid Kits, and (100) face masks, provide treatment for minor injuries and help prevent the spread of illnesses.
  • (100) Thermal blankets, (5) Tube Tents & (5) Sheets of plastic Sheeting: Provides protection against the elements and preserves privacy.
  • (150) Aquatabs® Water Filtration Tablets: Each tablet treats up to 2 quarts of water.
Additional items include:
  • (20) 12-hour fluorescent lightsticks
  • (5) Books of waterproof matches
  • (5) Crowbars
  • (5) Pair Leather-palmed work gloves
  • (5) Rolls of Duct tape: use with plastic sheeting to create privacy screens.
  • (5) packs emergency taper candles: each pack contains 5 candles that burn for up to 5-hours.
  • (5) 5-in-1 whistles:  each whistle includes a signal mirror, compass, flint, and hollow container for matches.
  • (5) Pocket survival guides

Why Do Office And School Buildings Need Survival Kits?

Following a catastrophic disaster during school or work hours, students and employees may shelter-in-place on campus for several hours, even days, until emergency personnel confirms their safe release. Depending on the severity of the disaster, staff may be without electricity, shelter, potable water, or sanitation facilities. Injuries may require immediate medical attention.
The simple addition of basic survival supplies ensures the employees and students under your protection have the supplies needed to turn an already dire situation into a survival situation. Failure to maintain adequate safety standards could open administrators up to liability if losses or injuries occur due to a facility's lack of preparation.

Reference the ER™ Office Preparedness Guide and  School Preparedness Guide for detailed information on what you need to prepare your establishment. Need a custom solution for your company or school? Call us at 800.277.3727 or email jcaine@quakekare.com


SKU:     SK100R
Brand:     ER™ Emergency Ready
Weight:     425 lbs.
Dimensions:     15 containers; each 12" x 12" x 14"
Shelf-life:     up to 5 years (food, water, lightsticks, water purification tablets), shelf life varies on some first aid items
Supply Duration:     3 days, 100 people
Disaster Usage:     earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, winter storms, terrorist attacks, floods

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A 100-person, 72-hour survival kit packaged in (15) 5-gallon water-resistant bucket containers with snap-on toilet seats. Designed for a large office or classroom. Includes emergency food, water, and supplies to shelter-in-place for 3-days.
Reviews (3)
  • Free educational presentation and discount on the kits we purchased
    We were trying to educate our staff on the importance of emergency preparedness at work and at their homes. The sales manager came out and provided an educational presentation about being prepared for the worst. Quake Kare did not charge us for this service. They also provided our company and staff a discount on all Quake Kare items.
  • Great Kit
    I like that everry thing is sealed and stored nice and neat in the buckets.
  • Good Kit- Heavy
    The kit seems to have everything our company needs including a portable toilet. Be warned these kits are heavy, They are for sheltering and waiting for authorities post-disaster vs. carrying some distance